Galmstrup Ltd. is a design studio focusing 
on Cultural and Community projects.


Galmstrup Ltd. is a design studio with vast experience of cultural projects. Our starting point is to understand the essence of a client’s brief and analyse the context of a site which then drive our projects' narrative and strengthen their special qualities.

We value daylight and its interaction with space and materials specific to a region, function and culture, and let it craft the atmosphere of the places we create. We deliver playful yet pragmatic innovative designs which encourage social interaction and create a sense of belonging for the user. 

Our strengths are in the creative design process and the ability to drive complex projects forward often in large multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams. We do this through an open collaboration with our clients, collaborators and local stakeholders as well as craftsmen and builders to ensure the best solutions come to fruition on time and on budget.


  • Feasibility Studies -> research and narratives 
  • Concept Design & Developed Design -> design and draw
  • Technical Design & Construction Supervision -> implement and quality control


We provide full design services from site visits and initial sketches to technical design and construction supervision ensuring quality projects are delivered.   

We follow the RIBA plan of work where possible but understand that customized services are sometimes more suitable for a project and are open to discuss. 


  • Vision & Program Strategy -> ideas to projects
  • Arts & Craft Procurement -> new vernacular craftsmanship
  • Exhibition Design -> visualize content


For cities, museums, collectors, galleries, institutions, organisations and developers we develop vision and program strategies to initiate and move ideas into projects. 

We do this through our process orientated methodology and in close collaboration with the main stakeholders ensuring unique narratives, visions, programs and designs are delivered. 


“Utterly fearless and always inventive, Anne Marie’s work flows from the half-crazy, the attenuated, to the suddenly precise and concentrated. It is full of surprises and (one suspects) private jokes, more than a fair share of virtuoso moments and some beautiful graphic compilations.”

Anne Marie is a designer with 16 years of international experience with cultural and community projects as an architect, exhibition designer and client adviser. Her strength is her strategic vision plans and original design concepts based on the understanding of context, culture and community.

Anne Marie has a vast experience leading larger building projects with extensive cross-disciplinary teams in complex societies. She founded Galmstrup Ltd. in 2015 after being an equity partner at Henning Larsen Architects in Copenhagen for a decade and prior to that worked at Ushida Findlay Architects in London.

The Galmstrup Ltd. studio are currently working on two museums in Denmark and a residential project in London. Anne Marie has worked on several international large-scale museum projects throughout her career where a larger civic social aspect and user involvement was essential to bring the projects from concept to implementation.

Anne Marie graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture in London and holds a bachelor’s degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She has published under Ashgate, talked at the RIBA and Harvard GSD, and is the founding director of the non-profit organisation Imaginations Cross Cultures which organise summer schools for students and community engagement interventions.


”Anne Marie’s great quality is that she approaches the opportunities of every new project with a totally clean sheet. Her work does have a distinctly Nordic feel, but not at the expense of original, deep thinking, responsiveness to the brief and to stakeholders, enormous commitment and true creativity.

As both client and collaborator, I have found her approach captivating and constantly challenging, in the best sense of driving a project to realise better outcomes than anyone knew were possible.”

Robin Cole-Hamilton, Principal Cultural Projects, UK

"Anne Marie Galmstrup has the sense of seeing the potential of museums in modern society. In addition, she has a very special ability to mediate processes and make people work together on common goals.

The final product has become a very nice draft for the future Øm Abbey Museum; but more importantly, we who have been involved in the process have become much sharper at the potential of which stories are to be told and what frames they should be told in. In other words, it has been a very rewarding process."

Lene Høst-Madsen, Director, Museum Skanderborg, DK


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