A loop of art and activities.


Tampere Art Museum and Pyynikintori Square
Tampere, Finland 2017
7,000m2 / Art Museum

Our competition proposal for the extension of the Tampere Art Museum and urban planning of the Pyynkintori Square take its outset in the vernacular architecture and natural features of the city of Tampere.

Tampere’s history and development is marked by the traces of natural forces in the form of its moraine ridge landscape shaped by the prehistoric glaciers and the later build urban grid structure with traversing activity corridors. The new museum extension plays on this contrast between the organic and cubic with a free flowing landscape connecting external surfaces and sweeping into the lobby and leading visitors around while enclosed by a cluster of rectangular volumes.

The ground floor consists of all public, service and administrative facilities and underground link connects underground to the existing museum with the permanent collection. The temporary galleries, regional art and media space are all located on the upper floor in a variety of sizes, heights and light conditions allowing for a variety of art and settings. The gallery configuration around a central space further allows for some galleries to be open while installation work to take place elsewere without interference. The existing underground gallery is retained, extended and given daylight to create an attractive access to the permanent collection and in order to create a circulation loop completed by inserting an elevated footbridge from the first floor of the grain building and back to the temporary galleries on the first floor of the new extension.

In contrast to the soft and dense brick of the old grain building are the new galleries clad in a crystalline skin creating a crisp delicate and fragmented facade in contract to the soft old grain building, while the lobby ceilings and internal floor and balustrades throughout the building is clad with warm timber to guide visitors and to resemble the original wooden funnels in the former brick clad grain building.



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