Superbugs - the fight for our lives. 

Science Museum London
London, UK 2017
Exhibition Design

Exhibition design for the contemporary science exhibition SUPERBUGS about antibiotic resistance at the Science Museum in London.

A 20 meter long illuminated curiosity wall freeing up floor space and utilising existing seating, while interacting with the existing gallery features and inviting visitors to come closer.

The wall layout consists of a transition of narrow to wider display cases inserted reflecting the story of antibiotic resistance from micro to macro scale - from the abstract form of real bacteria culture, through the personal stories of the people who fight bacteria to today’s global search for new antibiotics.

The layout challenges the traditional wall sectioned exhibition layout and can be read from either end of the gallery. The recessed display cases contain a mix of everyday objects, films, interactive games, props and backlit illustrations set up as a scenography to create an environment for each individual story. A collection of real bacteria are “flocked” together in a large bug looking floor piece allowing visitors to explore them at close hand. 


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