Reimagining the Outdoor Museum.

The Flying Pebbles
Isle of Bute, Scotland 2018

The “Flying Pebbles” is an interactive intervention exploring the natural and social context of Ettrick Bay on the Isle of Bute. A series of markings of natural features and historic events are placed throughout the bay highlighting specifics of the place. Guests for the tearoom are invited to wear and fly large inflatable suits (or wind machines) to feel the force of the wind on their own body. The aim of the project is to create awareness of local significance and move the museum into the open landscape for an afternoon.


Open Doors
Research, 2018-2019

The Flying Pebbles is part of Galmstrup Ltd's research “Open Doors” (Mellem Gade og Galleri) which explores the museum as a catalyst across communities. Through a series of interventions is the objective to explore the spaces in-between the formal gallery and the museums more informal areas and connectivity to the urban realm. 

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