Reimagining the City Museum


OPEN DOORS - Reimagine the City Museum
Skanderborg, Denmark - 2019

5 moods, 5 spaces, 5 teams
2 questions & 5 recommendations

Over the course of a week we developed an exhibition in a team of seventeen local high school students and eleven Imagineers from all over the world. The group of students, young architects, a scenographer, a graphic designer, an anthropologist and a historian, were asked two key questions, in relation to thinking about the Outside-in: How can a museum become a meeting place in a spread city? and from Inside-Out: What's a museum for young people?  

The recommendations were developed through five impressions, or 'moods' young people demand from a city museum today - Discovery, Transition, Sharing, Belonging and the Unexpected. These five moods were then built as large scale installations in five spaces within the post office, using 600 meters of canvas, light and five sewing machines. The week culminated with a pop-up exhibition for city residents and the creation of the museums “Young Peoples Advisory Board”. The workshop was the first transformation of the post office towards a new city museum.

The ‘winter school’ is a different form of community engagement. We believe student workshops are catalysts for change where thoughts and ideas are shared and shaped by the future generation. The objective for the school was to collaborate and share knowledge across different ages, disciplines and cultures.

Our sister non-profit Imaginations Cross Cultures organised the winter school in partnership with Museum Skanderborg, with support from the Danish Art Council and a group of local volunteers.

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Open Doors
Research, 2018-2019

Open Doors, Platform One, is part of Galmstrup Ltd's research “Open Doors” (Mellem Gade og Galleri) which explores the museum as a catalyst across communities. Through a series of interventions, the objective is to explore the spaces between the formal ‘programmed’ space and the informal urban area.


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