Øm - Museum of Monastic Life explores the museum as a complex  
where site and collection is in synergy with nature.

Øm - Museum of Monastic Life
Ry, Denmark 2018
1,200 sqm Museum / 2,4 Ha Park


The ruin of the medieval monastery is located in a magnificent natural setting overlooking the Mossø lake. The Øm Monastery Museum consists of a ruin forming a part of a cultural landscape created by the monks together with a collection of skeletons and artefacts from the excavation of the monastery.

Our outset is the significance of maintaining the ruin and collection together on the actual heritage site while respecting the natural values of the place. The museum is therefore envisioned as a series of buildings telling the story of the monks daily life and interventions while offering experiences in nature.

The architecture plays on the reinterpretation of the extrovert monastery church with tall pointed arch structures for exhibitions. An academy for researchers with an courtyard for larger works in progress is placed in the forest edge with the sky as its window, while a viewing platform in the treetops allow visitors to understand the cultural landscapes extend and a winter garden structure allow research of the relic plants from the monastery time.

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