Children's Discovery Centre

Massar Children's Discovery Centre
Damascus, Syria 2007-2011
16,000m2 / Science centre

The Discovery Centre was designed to house the NGO Massar's education programme and through science-based, hands-on experiences contain activities to empower young Syrians to contribute actively in building their future.

The design comprises a series of curved walls layered around a central atrium and orientation space. Exhibition spaces are located between the curved walls varying in size, width, height and leading to outdoor experimentarium gardens.

The envelope consists of internal clay plastered walls dazzled with indirect daylight, and an external facade relief of local limestone picking up shadows from the strong sunlight and improving the thermal mass.

Anne Marie was the project architect and driving force behind this project during her time at HLA. She moved to Syria coordinating between the client’s team, local architect, local contractor and the consultants abroad as well as designed the procurement route for the buildings Arts & Craft and Park.

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